Comment on Kite - Introduction

agsuresh commented on 27 Oct 2015, 10:04 PM


I have been using Kite for the past one week. It is very good in many respects.

However I would like to have two simple facilities.
A) display of Nifty / Sensex with an up/down indicator on the top of the page – preferably after the “Funds” . This will give a quick insight on the trend and help a trader to take a better – unhasty decision

B) display the p&L on the chart itself with a “Exit” button. This will help us take a quick action based on the actual trend. Presently, I have to shuttel back & forth between the chart and positions page. If the “Exit” and P&L is displayed on the chart itself, it would be much elegant and more trader friendly. You can add these right after the “Select” drop down box.

Pls try to implement these as soon as possible. I am sure most of the traders would welcome this facility.


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