Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

coolblr commented on 01 Feb 2014, 11:04 PM


Appreciate you taking out time to reply queries from folks here and that too in detail. Few questions from my side (more might follow :D)

1. Any reason for choosing 10 mins time frame only? Or you see the patterns in other time frames also, but trade out of 10 mins?

2. Interesting/useful/informative thread really and its nice to see great emphasis on the psychology part of trading which is the most important thing. You mention “visual patterns” about five times in your replies 🙂 are these based on classic chart patterns or something else (I understand you would not want to give details, but asking are they same as classic chart patterns or different)

3. The method you are trading currently – did you develop it when you started trading NIFTY or when you were trading US markets also? Did it work well on SP500?

4. Not a question, but you mentioned that you traded in options earlier, and was really impressed with one of the strategies that you mentioned one could use in options, which clearly shows you seem to be a Guru in options as well. Yes I totally agree with you – we need something like thinkorswim for Indian markets too, I kept on emphasizing this in traderji’s Zerodha thread to Sachin, but a push from just one person is not enough you know. I would recommend this book (While going through this book I felt, why a book like this was never written on options before, and I liked the flow too, its like conversation between two people), if you get some time please read it –


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