Comment on Taxation Simplified

AKS commented on 31 Jan 2014, 12:59 AM

As i am beginner , i tried everything i.e. Equity, F & O, Currency (futures n options). My loss from sharekhan trading account is around 50,000.(which i opened in june 13) and i have profit from Zerodha account around 10,000 (which i opened in nov 13). My total loss in F & O is more than 8%. Being a PSU employee my tax is already start deducting by my employer for FY 2013-14 . Now my question is
1. Should I have to show this loss to my employer , if no then when and how I have to fill Income tax. what is the date of filling ITR. Can loss and profit of two Demat account will be clubbed?
2. Is Book Audit required in my case because F & O loss is more than 8%. If yes how and through whom can i done audit. What will be the procedure of Book audit.
3. Which IT from is right for me as i m a PSU employee and salary is the only source of my income .

Thanks in advance.

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