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Selva Mohan V commented on 30 Jan 2014, 06:33 PM


I am a non technical person, just resigned from my day job and wish to do full time day trading. I noticed as not much has been discussed about the Currency Trade or say the least which I am into. I am new to AlgoZ and the technicalities around the same. Well the following is my idea or say strategy:

Eg – EUR/INR – Opens at a certain price for eg – 85.99, low is 85.55 and the high is 86.35. Here I have a 80ps range which I hope to cash in as follows:

Whenever the price moves up or down, I should get an indicator to place an order which should give a 0.05 paisa margin/unit OR say Rs 50 per lot as gross profit. Depending on the trend I will decide the number of trades per day.

Please help me with a proper strategy or code for the same.

FYI- I am in talks with your team members – Linekar & Sumanth, very helpful, am awaiting the AlgoZ to go live on my account. They have assured to train me

Selva Mohan V

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