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NagabhushanS commented on 29 Jan 2014, 02:14 PM

Hello Nithin,

I am trying to learn the Margin trading on *NIFTY options* and have experience in NRML trading. I tried exploring Span calculator but the page was not properly displaying eventhough i tried refreshing several times and it did not work on IE and chrome browsers. the issue was that the script dropdown list was not populated with details irrespective of what i select in Exchange and Product. Is there any issue now (29 Jan 2014).

My another question is: To know the Margin amount for Margin trading on Nifty options, I logged into Backoffice and downloaded the “Margin Details and Position Limits” is this the right file to learn about today’s Margin leverages?

in that file I read the rows but could not understand certain technical terminologies, could you please help me to understand those, the details are here below

with Rs. 10,0000 how much Margin can I leverage to buy nifty Feb series 6000 option?

Sl no 296
Script Name NIFTY
Expiry 30/01/2014
Rate 6139.40
Lot Size 50
SPAN * Margin % 5.00
SPAN Amount(A) 15352.00 ——— what does this detail mean?
Exposure Margin% 3.00
Exposure Mrgn Amt(B) 9209.10—– what does this detail mean?
Total % 8.0
Total Amount 24561.10 —————– what does this detail mean?
Spread Margin N Month 1.03
Position Limit Client-wise 22475445 — what does this detail mean?
STOCK FUTURE Limit TM/FII’s-wise –
OVER ALL Limit TM/FII’s-wise –
Position Limit Market Wide –
PDEOD Open-Int Qty –
PDEOD Open-Int % –

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