Comment on Zerodha Trader - Brief

Rohit commented on 27 Jan 2014, 08:44 PM

Thank for your response Mr. Kamath.

I am interested in opening an account with your firm. I have been in touch with your Customer Service via emails about Spread trading in Commodities and SPAN. I have been answered promptly but with due respect, lacked depth. As you have responded to my previous query, I’ d like to ask: Is Spread margin benefit available on Calendar Spread only or it is possible for InterSpread (Lead & ZInc) also?

Secondly, I have gone through SPAN to check margin benefits for different commodities’ Calendar Spread. My query is : For how many months’ future contract, spread trading is available through Zerodha?? In other words, like Zinc Mini only shows 1 month contract in SPAN (Jan 14). So, does it allow to do Calendar Spread between Feb 14 Zinc Mini and Jan 14 Zinc Mini contract? Thank you for your prompt response. Much appreciated.

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