Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

Peter commented on 26 Jan 2014, 02:45 AM

Someone help I want to place AMO with stoploss order

Here is my problem :

I have 6300CE and 6400CE, because of some meeting I could not watch market on Friday… LTP of 6300CE is 32.50 and 6.40 for 6400CE, so if I place AMO order with SL-M trigger price 32.50 for 6300CE and 6.4 for 6400CE, What price it will be sold on monday ? I feel market won’t grow since global market is red and sgx is at 6180. Whether I get 32.50 and 6.4 since its AMO order ? if I would have seen market on Monday would have sold it.

Please someone reply me before Sunday night (26-01-2014)

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