Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

NPANT commented on 22 Jan 2014, 12:09 PM

Hi Madan, Congrats on having mastered the Art and its residual benefits like 300% returns! Now that you have mastered it, All the Best for perfecting it! Also, given the amazing start to the new year, with a 4% return on the 2nd day of the year, I am sure you will repeat the feat. What do you suggest about trading on larger time frames on part time basis? I have tried full time trading for something and have been a failure at that. Seems I can not draw consistent returns from this Art. It seems you have been trading for 5-6 yrs now and have been consistently profitable (on qtrly basis) for 3 yrs. That is also a feat on the account size you deal with (which can be easily ball parked at 1-2 cr). This game is not about size, its about a process implemented correctly and consistently, but psychology does get affected with larger size – so your feat becomes all the more important because it was on a larger size and scale over a larger duration. Can you let us know what has been your returns year wise for last 3 yrs (as it was 300% last yr) ? As advised by Nitin that like an individual trade there should be a SL to trading itself and it seems that SL has been hit. Not sure trying any further would be called ‘persistence’ or intoxication? 🙂

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