Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Madan commented on 22 Jan 2014, 11:44 AM


I don’t like to discuss my futures plans on a public forum in detail. But, option strategies is on cards (condors, butterfly,..). I did not think much about the size restrictions..i might increase the instruments i trade.

IRF(int. rate futures) in NSE looks promising (volume wise)..i used to trade 10 Yr notes in US. They move pretty slow but gives good trends..eventually, i stopped trading them as they were pretty slow for my appetite (by then)…but, now i have gotten older a bit and hopefully mellowed down :), i guess i can try IRF’s…will watch IRF for 6 months and will decide on it…most of the banks are still waiting for internal approval to trade them..once they get it, i believe their volume would be better than Nifty.

But, one thing for sure – will not trade after 5 PM ..would love to have some time in the evening to enjoy life 🙂

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