Comment on Kite - Introduction

Indrneel Sircar commented on 15 Oct 2015, 11:25 AM

I am trying to load nifty oct options in Kite but none of the oct options can been found in the drop down list. strangely Nifty jun options is thrown upon us even when type in the full symbol code. See the screen shot.
Also I tried to use your zerodha mobile app on my ipad. It does not work properly. Every now and then the pop up screen in which details of symbol etc is required to be filled in to be able to add it to the market watch, one or other menu does not respond at all making it impossible to add any symbol to market watch.
As well the price was not updating dynamically according to the market. The Nifty Oct fut shows static price as when it was added to the market watch, therafter, it does not change at all.
This was just the beginning experience for me with your app.
Please ensure smoother functionality and respond.
Indro Neel Sircar

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