Comment on Kite - Introduction

Arun Kumar commented on 14 Oct 2015, 06:48 PM


Thank you for the two wonderful platform for traders. I do have some requirements.

Please make renko box editable in KITE like PI, and also make volumes present in KITE for Renko charts.
This is very important for Renko chart traders.

Because in PI, the moving averages are not smooth when drawn over renko charts.
1. EMA, SMA, Stochastics yields different formation compared to the same setup in KITE.
2. “Trade on charts” also not possible on Renko charts.
3. “Day seperator” can’t be plotted on Renko Charts
4. OHLC values not displayed when using Crosshair on Renko charts on PI.

Kindly fix either one of below needs on urgent basis. Would be really helpful to trade.

1. Making Renko box editable in KITE.
2. Fixing Technical indicators usability for Renko charts on PI

Please see the differences in attached images.

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