Comment on Basics on SLB (Stock Lending & Borrowing)

Rajiv commented on 13 Oct 2015, 02:08 PM


1) If ISSL does not offer screen based SLB, what does information in the link below represent? Does below is a cumulative SLB book available at NSCCL and BOISL?

2) Above NSE link shows 9000 shares available for borrow for GAIL at price 1.23. Lotsize is 1000. So, Can I borrow 1000 shares, or do I have to necessarily borrow 9000 shares?
3) Since no screen facility is available, do I have to call Zerodha/ISSL wheneven I want to know stock availability in SLB? So, Call and trade is the way to operate in SLB space?

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