Comment on Kite - Introduction

Prathi commented on 13 Oct 2015, 01:04 PM

I am not able to place an order on Kite.zerodha any time. have already reported this to the support team but to no avail. Really disappointing that, no one is addressing the issue even after multiple complaints.

Issue: when ever I enter transaction password for placing order, I get this error on screen. Happening from almost a month. Till now I was not able to place a single order in KITE.
I am doing no mistake, as I was able to place the same order from Z5 with out any issues at the same time with same transaction password.

Kite is really good to access from mobile/desktop but its of no use , as I am unable to place orders as of now. I will be waiting with some hope atleast now to get some positive response.

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