Comment on Basics on SLB (Stock Lending & Borrowing)

Rajiv commented on 12 Oct 2015, 03:08 PM


You say – “guys who offer look for borrowers of big quantities (atleast 10 to 20lks worth of stocks).”

I understand SLB is not a negotiated market, rather an order book is displayed as here:

So, if someone is offering to lend 500 stock in a particular scrip, why can’t I buy 100 stocks at ask price? Or, is it a constraint that I can borrow only in market lot size of that particular scrip? Or, the constraint is that I need to borrow all 500 stocks that a lender is lending and then only trade will go through? Kindly clarify. Thanks.

I am wondering whether ISSL offer a screen based SLB software on which we can trade or do we have to call them?

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