Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Madan commented on 17 Jan 2014, 12:59 PM


Good question. You have 2 options here.

1. Talk about trading to them and get more questions

2. Never talk about trading and get less questions.

Questions will never stop but they eventually die down. Ask them if they can teach you what they do and you start making money in it. Its not really feasible right? They would have put so much effort and time(and face failures) before reaching to where they are right now..You could tell this in a polite way. If they still don’t get it, its their problem.

On a side note, if you believe you are doing OK in trading then, it is not really bad to teach somebody(only if they really want to learn). Its’ your call by then. But ofcourse, others would also want to join the bandwagon. Most of the times, people want you to tell them ‘what to buy/sell’..they don’t want to learn trading. We gotta accept this fact.

Hope it helps.

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