Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Madan commented on 17 Jan 2014, 10:30 AM


Answer to your question is ‘you will understand what i am saying as you gain more experience in trading’ 🙂

This is getting really boring now. I have told multiple times in previous posts(issue is people don’t read the previous posts or they don’t understand it) on what i meant by 30 minutes. I have a system in place, alarms set up at important price points. All i need to do is trail my SL or put a new order(if any)..why anyone would need more than 30 mins to do execution? Lets say you put 5 orders in a long it takes for you to put the orders and SL? 5 hours?…no…the reasoning behind taking the trade might take that long but i have pretty much made the decisions automatic. I don’t see why it is considered wrong or what baffles people?

Right now, i am typing this post. Does that mean that i am not focused on my trades? this is my bread and butter..i can’t lose focus even for a minute. But, if there are other ways of tracking price points, why would i need to be in my office room all the time?

Please do me a favor and reread the whole blog to understand what i meant by 30 mins. I explained in detail to a person who had the same question.

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