Comment on Zerodha- Year 2012 updates

Vibhas commented on 11 Jan 2013, 04:07 PM

Dear Nithin,
Congratulations on delighting the trading community with all these innovations and to say the least.. excellent tools in the form of Amibroker Tradeing Plugin,option strategy tool,cover order for people who would likw to have a greater exposure and many other innovations which you have introduced in the year 2012…You have been more than just innovative..and all these at a brokerage which has changed the entire Dynamics of the Broking Business…what else a trader Excellent Trading Platform which I reckon to be the Best in the Industry…a customer support system which does not have any parallels…at least till now..and all these at a price …People won’t have imagined a few years back..Keep up the good work..and I am sure you will keep the trading community delighted with your superior offerings unparallel in the industry and keep on surprising us also..

Once again I am short of words to tell how you havee changed the dynamics of Broking Business..keep up the good work…May you prosper more and more

Vibhas Kumar

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