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Uma commented on 09 Oct 2015, 08:07 AM

Dear Nitin,

I’ve been using these features for a while and have some observations and enhancement requests, some may already be in the works so please bear with me.

1) unchecking confirmation box in user settings isn’t affecting placing orders from quick order box although it works with right click buy and sell – would be great if it works. Quick order isn’t quick enough with confirmation box sometimes 🙂
2) it would be ideal to be able to move the lines viz., stop loss order line and modify the order price while trading from chart, also quantity somehow….Pi is leaps and bounds ahead compared to other platforms anyways 🙂 these features could put it aside the likes of International platforms
3) it would be wonderful if we could change colour of horizontal lines to reflect support and resistance instead of the default blue line
4) would be wonderful to have some built in market scans and market watches of scrips based on indexes
5) a feature to save workspace along with design of Windows like in trade racer…for example, if I put admin positions on the right side, charts and market watch on the left and alerts in the bottom portion of a screen, if I could save that design for use again, it’ll greatly save time as against having to do all that all over again.
6) some way to have a tab/window for news alerts from open sources
7) more flexibility and smooth zoom in, zoom out and moving charts on screen…more mouse gestures the better.
8) a way to add text just like adding other drawing objects on charts

I’m sure the team is working hard to make Pi the best it can be, just my few cents if you will.

Great job overall and thanks for the Pi that it is today and what it holds for us in future.

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