Comment on Basics on Options Shorting/Writing

swapnil commented on 14 Jan 2014, 11:46 AM

Nitin,I have following queries.
1. Suppose i write Nifty jan14 6500 CE, i am getting values- Span 9300+ Exposure 9400= total 18942. Suppose I have whole amount (Rs.18942) in my a/c. I short the option when the premium is say 100. i will received 5000. Say next day the premium goes to 120. That means loss of Rs. 1000. My question is should I pay 1000? I want to hold this contract till expiry.
2. Is there any link or website available from where i could access ‘ margin required for writing index as well as stock options daywise?’
3. Are there any phone lines available on which if I contact my questions will be answered?

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