Comment on Zerodha wins the Emerging Equity Broking House - BSE-D&B award

Thiagy commented on 02 Oct 2015, 05:26 PM

Zerodha Should remember these are all temporary, Which changes every year. Unless they improve their customer service which is yet pathetic.
They will realize this one day by the time, everything would have gone ashes.
Especially when they have some real useless fellows at their Customer Care Governing people at higher tiers.
I am not a frustrated customer, but someone who have stopped Using Zerodha & someone recommends other brokerage with better customer service.
I am sure zerodha will delete this comment as it usually does to non-favorable comments.

Unless zerodha improves their scale to Customer Service, Their is no stopping of a downtrend.
We know enough big enterprises who vanished because of their poor customer service. Zerodha will soon be one such service if they do not change.

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