Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Ram commented on 12 Jan 2014, 02:55 PM

Madan Sir,
please ignore Rahul’s comment. Every one knows that Trading in Stocks is risky and 90% of traders are loosing money in Trading. Why don’t Rahul understand other that 10% of people making super profits. And thanks for your KIND & WISE answering in this blog.

Rahul Sir,
I know that it’s difficulty to beleive 300% profit in a year+. The number ”300%” profit in single stratergy is disturbing you (consider that Madam is a successful Trader). Please ensure there is no point of misguiding or begging. This is communication blog and Madan is patiently answering all our quiries by spending his valuable time to answer. If he don’t do that we wil disapoint and i feel this is one of a learning process to become a successful Trader and we wil choose what is good and useful for us.
Rahul Sir, can you please share with us that HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL TRADER.

Dear All,

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