Comment on Kite - Introduction

mandar commented on 29 Sep 2015, 08:13 AM

Kite is awesome. Simple, fast and easy to use. Charts are looking good as well. Kudos on delivering a great experience for the trader.
1 question (and not necessarily related to kite).
say for Nifty futures trading, i have a cash margin to trade 1 contract and i am long 1 contract. i want to reverse the position if my SL is hit i.e. my SL sell order is entered for 2 contracts (1 to square off my original position and 1 to get me into reverse side). i find that i sometimes get “insufficient margin” message. i am guessing the margin calculation engine assumes i will have 2 contracts open whereas in reality it would be only 1 contract open as the other gets squared off. so the question is does the margin calculation engine take into account my existing position or just treats every order as a separate order?

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