Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Umesh commented on 11 Jan 2014, 10:33 AM


Last post was my first post in this blog. I have never posted here before. where is the question of me asking secret? well, I am not looking to get Madan’s secret as i don’t believe there is a secret in the markets. You are the one keep repeating that there is a mistake. Keep looking and you will get it. hahaha

When somebody asks a query to Madan, according to you, it is begging. What world you live in? People ask questions to others to learn. this has been the case for 1000’s of years. and there are people like you who would just want the fish. stop spamming this space with your nonsense. what a pity.

You must be hallucinating on a sunday morning and i understand that. Keep doing that or better yet, go to tipsters/subscription providers. you will learn so much(a lot) from them. actually, 2 persons who got featured in Zerodha is running subscription service now, join them, you will learn great things. go and have a look at their q&a section. no real quality or content and after gaining popularity, they start their service. they are looking for people like you. you are an asset to them because you anyways don’t understand anything about markets, you believe there is a secret here. Deadly combination you have and these guys know how to capitalize on your gullibility. Wake up buddy.

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