Comment on Kite - Introduction

Srinivas Rao commented on 29 Sep 2015, 12:08 AM

Hi New Kite is really great. It is fast and lite. It is great to see the toturial today and i came to know about the popup charts and more we can see this it is really great.
My suggestions :
1. When we see the Charts, admin positions and funds will not appear. And vice versa. we shuld be able to see chart candle movement along with our P/l on particular stock for Intra-day in two windows.
2. Also when we have multiple positions to watch for p/L chart for all should be seen ( Atleast 4/5 charts in on single scree). we are loosing time in toggling and taking decision – in Intra-day.
3. while watching positions, “>” appears at left. This gives same info. What is the importance not clear. watch list prompt is great. it automatically saves what we selected. Can we create 2/3 watchlists with different names? Can we create current positions list and wish list ( 2/3 watch lists with names)? Also add one column for my target price fir Buy sell and an alert) 🙂

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