Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Umesh commented on 11 Jan 2014, 09:27 AM

Hi Madan,

Ignore these kind of comments. Rahul is just plain jealous about your success, He was looking for tips from you or your idea and he din’t get it, so he is upset as well. A real trader knows the value of your answers and don’t worry about him. You will find these kind of people in every profession. naysayers.

he does not understand the simple fact that there can be 100’s of ideas in the market but the common theme with all successful traders is their money management and the way they deal with the psychology. Don’t post anything about your idea rather post on MM and psychology. We value your advice. No real trader would agree with his bulls**t. Let him go figure out things with tipsters (let him learn from them..he will know that there are not many people like you who does not derive profit out of their sharing).

By the way, most of the tipsters start giving advices/suggestions, run a blog and eventually start the subscription’s a common formula. try your luck there, Rahul.

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