Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Madan commented on 11 Jan 2014, 08:38 AM


Thanks for writing your views down and giving me an opportunity to explain things a bit clearer. Let me try.

1. It is true that i watch only 30 mins of screen but what you have failed to understand is that it is 30 mins of chart watching in a day. That does not include my time answering queries, reading my email and other stuff. Its sad that you did not see this point.

2. Whenever i stare at the screen for a longer time, my psychology screws me up and i tend to take my profits early..cutting losses would never be a problem for most of us. So, i stopped watching charts a while ago.

3. I have seen.analysed/backtested various strategies and have had my own share of 15 hr days. But i agree with you on this. People should not think i look at charts only 30 mins a day. It is the case today but it was not few years ago.

4. You yourself said that it is tough to earn in markets by just watching the price all the time. That is very true. Reason is that our mind would start playing games with us. We just need to stick with whatever works for us.

5. If my sharing does not earn a penny, so be it. Well, that is not the intention of answering q’s anyways. The intention is to let other traders know that they have to take care of certain aspects other than idea/strategy.

One more time, let me repeat myself..If you are coming here to make money out of what i am saying directly, you are in for a have tipsters for that (please try it). But, if you are here to understand what a trader goes through in his mind, you are in for a treat.

I tried my best to not hurt anybody’s feelings/emotions but if did, be assured that it was never my intention.

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