Comment on Notice under Section 139(9)? - Possible reason

Nikhil Jain commented on 11 Jan 2014, 01:28 AM


I got profit and losses in F&O section. In total, I have around 20k Loss with turnover of about 6 Lakhs. Do I still need to get my books audited? I mean I do not have any profit. Is it still required to pay income tax (on loss). Is it mandatory to show the losses in ITR form? If I do not show, will I get the notice?

Now, u told that, if u get a income tax notice, you have to pay 8% of turnover. Now, I do not understand that I did not make profit I F&O, but still I need to pay 8% of 6 lakhs which is 48000. This much is penalty or what? Why one has to pay this even if he is in loss?

Please reply sir.


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