Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

SONJOE JOSEPH commented on 28 Sep 2015, 10:02 AM

Dear Mr.Nithin,

Pi has come up with lot of updates during the last few months. But it seems you haven’t still resolved the main issues which i have highlighted a few months back. Please look into the following issues and get it resolved atleast by the next update of Pi.

1. The data table itself contains lots of errors. As and when the market opens the OPEN, HIGH & LOW values are not correct.
2. Unlike in Zerodha trader “Link to Excel” feature is not available in Pi.
3. Addling and deleting an indicator should be more user friendly unlike in Amibroker. Moreover when we add the MACD indicator it contains lots of errors and this i have checked even with Amibroker. Indicators should be the continuation of the previous day and right now this is not happening in Pi.
4. We can’t do studies in Pi. For eg if we mark with a line today’s OPEN, HIGH, LOW , CLOSE and save in as a template. On the next day when we come and open the template i can’t see my marked lines so that i can recongize my previous day OPEN, HIGH, LOW and CLOSE. This marked lines are very useful for intra day trading. Adding to this when we draw a line on a 10 Min chart this line should get reflected in the 3 Min and 30 Min chart. So the idea is when we draw a line on any min chart it should get reflected in all the timeframes. I hope you got my point.

Please look into the above issues and get it resolved all atleast by the next update.

Thanking You.

With Regards,

Sonjoe Joseph.

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