Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

sunilthemaster commented on 26 Sep 2015, 11:09 PM

Just 1 week back I opened account with Zerodha and am starting feeling pain with Pi. (Thinking to rollback to my old broker).

+ Stale or missing data after office hours. Specially on weekend. No way a working guy can check how stocks performed for the day. Need to visit other sites for data.
+ Once cart is created, cant change the timeline
+ No way we can get losers/gainers of day
+ No way to segregate stocks based on sector
+ No way we can know which watch is opened
+ Every time to open watch we need to browse saved file
+ On watch screen just press spacebar and hurray new stock entry comes with blank values (basic QA testing missing)
+ Don’t know which stocks on market are trading with high volumes

These are just few. Have a lot more. Can write a doc if required.

No doubt you guys have lot of features. But just adding tons of features will not help. Make the basics works as expected.

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