Comment on Get Hands-on with Zerodha Mobile

Sheik commented on 24 Sep 2015, 11:53 PM

After using all zerodha trading platforms I am writing this here..

1. First we all need a mobile app with all features included.. ( CO, BO, features and charts with indicators

2. Trade express having java plugin issues which can’t be sorted out

3.most of traders working and trading from office hours we can’t install PI or nest trading terminals..

4.instead of developing PI Web now your developers stepped into kite which is almost freezing all time and having insufficient features..

5. While talking about Kite a very recent trading terminal here what we need more

i ) Please add the indices icon first There is no nifty or sensex widget currently

ii) Scrip limits are just 20 by now hope it will change soon

Iii) Please add all types of orders such Bo Co and basket order features on kite ( at least we can reach this via mobile ?)

iv) An individual Kite mobile app is much appreciated ( if builted with all those features or please don’t do that just develope the current app)

6. An individual ticker widget is much usefull please consider

Pls consider this guys thanks..

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