Comment on Account Opening Documentation & Charges

Farsheed commented on 24 Sep 2015, 11:36 AM

Hello Nithin,

I’ve printed and filled in the application forms (one for the trading account and another for the demat account. Please could you assist me with the following barrage of questions? 🙂

1) Do I need to print out the document titled “Annexure” and include it in the mail package?
2) Where should I mail the documents? Do you have a location in Mumbai where I can send them?
3) Can I add a nominee later? If so, can this be done electronically or does it require a hard copy of the document to be mailed again?
4) The Zerodha application page informed me that I need to include Rs. 300 (200 for the trading a/c and 100 for the demat a/c opening charges). Is this the total value of the cheque to be enclosed? DO I need to add anything for the demat a/c’s annual maintenance charges?
5) Can I transfer my holdings from another demat a/c to Zerodha? If so, what are the applicable charges (if any)?


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