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Senthil commented on 24 Sep 2015, 10:21 AM

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I’ve HDFC account linked in Zerodha (my online banking isn’t working). Therefore, i visited the branch and provided them the NEFT request, they refused to take the request saying ‘Zerodha’s account is UBC (or something similar)’ – there is no provision to do a NEFT transfer, I can drop a cheque, and should be cleared by EOD as it is the same bank account. I followed their instruction.

& the pain started – my account was debited the same day. But the funds are not yet reflecting in the trading account. IF the money was taken out of my account, where is it now?? as far as my understanding goes, the bank has immediately credited Zerodha’s account. Then?? why is there more than 48 hours of delay.

Why?? does your team take such a long time to update my account.

1) NEFT from HDFC bank is not possible
2) Same Bank cheque, cleared on the same day takes hell lot of time to show up on my account (today is the third day, and i still do see it)

Customer care :

1. Waiting to get connected?? be ready to spend at least 10 mins
2. Spend additional 10 mins explaining the situation
3. High probability the agent will give you a generic answer, and you spend another 10 mins justifying the intensity of the issue.
4. Now the escape route – “Sir, we will get back to you”, not time-frame, no idea what they play to do, and i have my trades waiting to be executed.
5. I wait for a day – nothing happens
6. Third day – Step 1 to 4 repeats

Does anyone really care of ‘Efficiency’?? Highly disappointed… Pls explain why this happened and how do you plan to fix it, and ensure this doesn’t happen again

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