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H.C commented on 09 Jan 2014, 01:46 AM

Hi, Nithin,

As you are in the process of building an advanced terminal, here is some important suggestions:-

1. Now a days many chart providers are giving 30 second time frame too, which is faster and very useful for day traders.
2. Side by side tab switching facility like meta trader is very useful to track different time frames and different scripts. Presently in meta trader 5, we can quickly switch between more than 10 different time frames instantly for any particular script in side by side tab which is very useful.
3. For smaller time frames last 6 month data is enough. But, to determine the trend in longer time frame we need enough data in longer time frame, like plotting 1030 ema in Hour, 2Houe, 4 Hour or 8 Hour time frame or 200 ma in weekly chart etc. Please provide enough data for longer time frames, presently we can’t plot higher ema’s in higher time frames.
4. All trend lines, Fibo levels, Pivot levels must be saved with particular chart (with particular time frames).

With all good wishes.

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