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Madan commented on 07 Jan 2014, 06:25 PM


Only way to learn about it is the ‘hard-way’. The trader has to burn out and he would(hopefully) understand that there is life outside of this profession. This is not common only with trading – it is the case in almost all the profession. I see that trait in all my friends.

This is what i do dayin/dayout –

1. wake up around 7:30 AM, do cardio, do some visualization before the mkt opens,
2. Mkt opens
3. Read non-trading news for 15-20 mins, talk with wife over the breakfast, watch a movie in my living room(not in the PC), sometimes i help her in cooking(most of my trader friends would not believe this..but this happens pretty frequently in my house)
5. I could do all these things as my sound alarm is pretty loud and i can hear those sounds from anywhere in the house 🙂
4. Eat morning snacks like fruits, nuts
5. Eat lunch around 1 PM
6. Read a book for an hour
7. See my open positions around 3:15 PM (just to make sure i have right quantity if my taking it overnight..i could accidentally have more or less size), Close my terminal around 3:35 PM and write my trades on my journal.
8. Goto bed for a nap for 1:30 hours..wake up around 5:30 PM, eat evening snacks like boiled whole grains, hit the gym for doing some weights(or goout to play cricket/badminton near my place).
9. Come back around 8 PM…eat dinner, sleep around 11PM and wake up again around 7:30 AM in the morning.
10.So, my screen time during mkt hours is approx. 30 mins (whenever there is an alarm..thats time else)

I hope i gave you a picture of what i do everyday and i love what i am doing. I also do frequent trekkings in/around Karnataka (once in 2 months)

Hope it helps.

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