Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

RAHUL commented on 05 Jan 2014, 08:59 PM

By the way I dont trade with Zerodha , secondly I did not force you ,
God shows the path where ur goal is , but the person has to walk on its own
you will always get once what u desire by heart , but u have to judge the time when the thing is offered to you by nature
better search internet and keep googling for share market software//indicators ,etc, if u think you will get that way.
People like Madan will confuse all the more( he does not use TA ,neither FA nor any other thing , jus by dumb look , he is able to earn in market where 95 % fails , use brains how can this be true ,- but i dont blame Madan , no one will tell the right path on any forum , will u tell ur neigbour’s if u get a hen which lays golden eggs. )
keep getting misguided
I thought of sharing my secret , thought that a girl should be helped , bcoz i would not loose any thing ,
now better dont Msg me for any secret , msg me for a days trail and u will know what u have missed ,or dont even msg , i will post my call on this forum jus for u ok ( tell me when to do , not tomorrow( i’m busy) , any other day )
happy search / googling ( bcoz i thing thats what u enjoy)
I’m a CA by the way and not a ordinary person , and have studied market for 6 years.

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