Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

RT commented on 15 Sep 2015, 05:31 PM

I have a few questions on Pi. If this is not the right place, please let me know and I’ll email the support team.

1. CASH POSITION: This feature does not track balance real time? I have approx. Rs.20,000.00 using which I initiated a MIS trade/long position. I sold half the shares once I saw a few points profit, and used the money to enter another trade (which is obviously half the size of the first one). At this point, my Cash Position still shows approx. Rs.10,000.00 which does not make sense.
2. COVER ORDER: I initiated a long position at Rs.733.50 using Cover order (first time ever) and put a SL at Rs.730. Order executed successfully, but the stock dipped to 729 and the SL did not trigger. Question: Most of the product descriptions in your blog are on NEST platform; do they hold good for Pi? I always thought it should.
3. Any way to add Simple/Expo MA on the volume section? The MA line should run across the volume bars; not seperately plotted.
4. Any formatting options available for horizontal/vertical lines? Line color, thickness, dotted, etc.?
5. To edit a MA line, we need to Left click on the line + right click. These 2 clicks need to be done really fast, making it hard to get it right.
6. Any way to stop the floating market index window from “floating” outside Pi? I mean, if I switch to another window/application using Alt+Tab, it’s still floating around there. It won’t go until I minimize Pi.


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