Comment on Cover feature of Zerodha - Dalal times

bpmkamath commented on 13 Sep 2015, 06:09 PM

I am looking at opening a full pledged trading along with DP. I am presently using Ventura 1 who are charging me only 0.007 per intraday and f& O (only one leg brokerage if square off on same day ) and 0.07 for delivery . I am having shares worth Rs, 350000 in the demat account on which they are providing 75% margin that is 262500 which i can use for buying equity and Futures & Option . Only I need to is just click on the margin request on holding securities no need of pledging which you are doing at present. They are going to provide the same till all the debit in the cash segment are cleared with maximum of 7 working days . In futures and options if you are clearing the mark to mark margins within 7 days is enough. There is no need of pledging or depledging , due to which there are no pledging charges. Secondly the securities on which I have been given margin can be sold on anytime from the day 1 . there are no restrictions. I can sell those shares if I get gud opportunity, say some day one scrip goes up by say 10 percent justlike what happened in case of PSU banks where i sold my entire PSU state even while i was enjoying the margin facility which has been brought down nextday. I would like to get the same facility from Zerodha, if your firm can provide the same to me I do not have issues in opening the account. This margin facility is also given be almost all leading broking firms like Sharekhan, ILFS. angel broking, Geojit BNP, religare and others . Please clarify so that I can decide on the matter at the earliest.

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