Comment on Pie chart on Q for quick Overview

Venu Madhav commented on 08 Sep 2015, 12:20 PM

The purpose of Q is to give you better analysis of your trading where traditional backoffices’ fail. We believe it helps you understand yourself as a trader and make better informed decisions whilst trading.

1. We are in the process of integrating the Contract notes onto Q. You shall soon be able to see them on Q. Till such time, we’d request you to view the contract notes by accessing:, the login details remain same.

2. You may check the cost of the trades either by accessing the P&L report or by checking the contract note. Please note that tradewise charges aren’t available because we don’t charge a percentage brokerage.

3. Please let us know where you’ve found discrepancies. We’ll have them fixed/explained to you.

4. Margin blocked provides information on how much is charged for the open positions you’ve carried forward. We believe its essential for a trader to know these margins and hence appear on the ledger. Also the debits and credits appear on ledger.

5. Exchanges have made it mandatory to provide common contract note: which is why you’re getting these. Note that we also send you segment wise contract notes to your email id.

6. You have access to both Q ( and

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