Comment on Pie chart on Q for quick Overview

Kumar commented on 07 Sep 2015, 10:10 PM

The information provided at Q (the backoffice) is not really very helpful though it may look fancy to many people. As a trader, at the end of a trading day, all I really want to know is my NET P&L status in a simple and clear manner. I have following points for your attention:

1. I can not find Contract Notes in the Backoffice.
2. I do not see Actual Cost of the trades for the day included and shown accordingly in my Ledger.
3. All Calculations and Pie Charts are not showing accurate numbers.
4. I do not want to see margin/span entries etc. in my ledger. I just need plain numbers showing clear debit/credit enteries… i.e. how much deducted for what and how much credited for what..!
5. Why one contract note issued for many trades done for the day. I would like to know cost and net P&L for each and every trade done without mixing them all in one single contract note.
6. You must give a choice to your client either to use new backoffice (Q) software or any old traditional software for backoffice purpose.

Do not over-use technology to make things complicated. Accounting is best left traditional and classical way as it has been.

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