Comment on Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders

Davidson commented on 07 Sep 2015, 04:47 PM

Hi Nithin,

Thanks for your immediate response. I have clarification on your third and fourth response.

1. Whether for MIS orders two margin is required. I heard that only for NRML orders you need two margins that is one for Initial transaction and another one for SL-M. Pls. confirm ?
2. As quoted by you if I choose the SL-M (BUY) as 7670 then after order execution only I can place my Target value and SL-M (SELL) during the Market Hours.

Actually I do have a challenge to be online during the entire trading hours. So I prefer to place an order before the market opens and gets executed as per my target value or SL. Else let it get square off @ 15:20 hrs. automatically.

My requirement here is for example the NIFTY LTP is 7650.

I should buy the NIFTY if it attains 7670 and I have to set a stop loss @ 7640 & Target as 7710.
The Transaction should execute only if the above condition attains. The system should not buy if the market opens below 7670 or SL-M (SELL) should not trigger @ 7640. If it triggers and if I am not online the risk is unlimited in Options (since I have chosen the Call Option)

Pls. let me know what is the best mode of order to fulfill my requirement without being online during Market Hours.

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