Comment on Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders

Davidson commented on 06 Sep 2015, 04:55 PM


I want to have a better clarity on AMO orders and the difference between AMO & Bracket Order.

Kindly confirm my understanding on AMO orders is correct based on the below example.

Nifty has closed 7655.05 on 04th Sep 2015. I am Placing an AMO Order with a Target buy price of say 7670, SL-M (sell) as 7640 and Target Sell Price as 7710 on Nifty Future expecting that it would be bullish on 07th Sep 2015. But from the pre market period itself it is bullish and @ 9.15 the market opened at 7650 and going in the downward trend.

1. Whether my AMO order would be executed or not ?
2. Whether It would buy @ 7650 and triggers SL-M @ 7640 even though my original buy call was 7670 ?
3. Whether two margins is required in AMO – MIS orders one for Buy and one for SL-M ?
4. Whether there is any possibility in AMO or Bracket Order to execute the transaction only if my original initial transaction value is attained. In my current example only if NIFTY is 7670 buy should be triggered

I found AMO & Bracket Order are one the same and the only difference which I foresee is that in Bracket Order SL & Trailing loss is enabled where as in AMO, SL & SL-M is enabled. Am I right or there is any other difference ?

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