Comment on NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

gdamodharreddy commented on 02 Sep 2015, 05:17 PM

Hi Mr Nitin kamath

my name is damodhar reddy living in indonesia . recently i have applied to open zerodha trading and demat account with Axis PIS account , after completion of all the process from your team .after submitting my application .finally IL&FS has rejected my application saying that Indonesia NRI’S Are not allowed to invest and not allowed to open Demat . i am really surprised to hear that .in such case your team didnt even give any info about that and wasted my valuable time .let us keep this issue for while . my another logic point is .as there is no such restriction from RBI .if such case how could i open demat from icici and other banks .i have invested in mutual funds as well as equity through some other platform .if at all such rule exists why only ILFS made their own rules ? i am really requesting you .there are many customers not happy with this kind of issues .i strongly suggest please make a system in such way that you can accept demat with some other entity who can give good service .please get back to me on this ,[email protected]

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