Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Mak_T commented on 30 Dec 2013, 04:00 PM

Hi Madan,
Really a great going with trading & educating as well…..

Most of the Q’s are answered still a few ones….

1. You dont use FA (thats clear) but when you say no TA and no news thats confusing. I am not able to reconcile 10 min TF and pivots based approach without TA. Then do you trade order flow?

2. Dont you feel its good for Newbies to start with some indicator than purely Price Action? So a system with indicator will be little better than Pure PA esp. for beginners?

3. Please suggest some good strategy for a newbie like me. This is only to paper trade or just with 1 lot trial trades. It will go a long way as we begin to study various books listed above.

4. I went thru “Smart_trade” at TJ. Great Person. But he too has some indicator based strategies such as SWIFT & Momentum. Of course he is very good trader and himself must be trading pure PA. So going purely without indicator will be tough. Suggest some good Short Term strategy for Intraday & positional. I mean what’s second best to Pure PA for newbie.


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