Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Madan commented on 28 Dec 2013, 06:58 PM


1. 95% is mechanical with 5% discretional. As i said somewhere earlier, i am trying to figure out if i can make it 100% mechanical. But, my discretion usually makes money. So, i do not want to disturb the whole process now. On a side note, i don’t worry about any other market. So, no watching of US market or losing sleep over it when US mkts move against my position. 🙂

2. There are days where i go without a trade. Sometimes, its 2-3 days as you said. Best part is i don’t stare the screen all 6:15 hours of the market. I probably look at the screen not more than an hour a day. I have alarms set up at important price points and hence, no need to watch the screen continuously.

3. I started trading BNF only from last September (2013). So, it was only NF until that point. I got interested in BNF because of recent USDINR volatility.

Hope it helps

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