Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Paramesh commented on 28 Dec 2013, 12:31 PM

Hello Madan,

Congratulations on your success. Your answers in the comment section are extremely informative and valuable. In my humble opinion, it is actually better than the blog itself. Thanks a lot.

Your candid answers to the q’s posted in the comments section clearly indicates that you are walking the talk. Please continue answering questions and i hope more people share your interview in their facebook and twitter sites so that a large crowd of traders can benefit out of it.

For the good of a larger community, you should start writing a blog or better yet, Zerodha should drill you with more questions and post it as your second part 🙂

@Zerodha – What a wonderful interview. Your best interview so far by a huge margin.
This piece is a real gem and the comments section is a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom. Kindly do more interviews like Madan and no disrespect to others but this guy is amazing. Real knowledge is scarce in this profession and most of the people out there are just paper traders.

As i live in Bangalore, i have a request to make with Zerodha. If possible, kindly arrange a traders meeting with Madan in Bangalore. That would be the best new year gift to us.

Thanks once again,
Paramesh, Bangalore

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