Comment on Stop Loss orders - Limit/Market

ShreyaDR commented on 26 Aug 2015, 05:39 PM

From given explanation what i understood is, if i wanted to sell / buy at particular price then i have to use SL /SL-M order type to get my order executed at my expected price. now my query is, is it possible to 4 place SL-M orders for any scrip as follow?

say scrip x is trading @100, it’s Day range is 102 – 99. now i want to buy it if it moves past @102.5…..then book a quick profit @105

1st Buy SL-M trigger 102.5
2nd Sell SL-M trigger 105

now if it moves below 99, i want to short @98 and to cover it @95

3rd Sell SL-M trigger 98
4th Buy SL-M trigger 95

what i am expecting is only respected order should get execute, when market scrip reaches to that particular price. why i want this is, i may not track scrip/s for all the time when market is open. hence wanted to know, is this possible?

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