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Harshvardhan commented on 23 Aug 2015, 11:51 PM

Dear Nithin,
Love the way you are helping trades by improving PI on every update. Just a few more things i wanted to get incorporated in PI. Please let me know if thats possible.
1. Andrews pitchfork, schiff and modified schiff. I use market geometry to understand markets and these tools are the most important to me. there are also option to introduce more lines parellel to the current pitchfork. Please see and use the pitchfork there. i hope if that would be possible that would be of great help.
2. Option of cloning a trend line. Otherwise the other trend line that we draw may or may not share the same angle with the previous one.
3. Option to lock chart settings can be done through templates but what if we have done analysis and drawn lines and written numbers on the chart which we want to see during live market hours. We currently cannot save our drawn lines. Its important if we do analysis on the charts after market hours it should sustain for the next live market hours.
4. Suppose if i draw a trend line on the lower zoom area and when i zoom the chart the same trend is not visible. So i have to keep it zoomed out and that makes me difficult to identify the candle patterns. Surely i can open another chart for the same thing but if those lines can be seen even when we zoom in then that would be of great help too!

Hoping that would go through this post and do the needful. Have been struggling with this issue since long. Finally decided to post here.


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