Comment on 10th Std Pass, Market Wizard from Thrissur

Rajiv Ranjan commented on 23 Aug 2015, 01:00 PM

Hello Nitin Sir,
I m Rajiv…a govt.officer from Patna.
Since 2005 I have been trading only intra day. I am trading in equity..commodity…n options..both stock n index.
I have lost around 30 lakhs..I always played with borrowed mny. I am indisciplined trader, who hardly uses any TA, news n gutbased n emosnl scalper.
I am perhaps d worst trader in d world.
I am in huge 10 lakh rs. Debt…I m 43. I have two kids.
I want to leave job but have no Many to start trading for leaving.I m stubborn n perhaps addicted to trading…fanatically passionate…I do over trade…sometimes 100 cr..per month volume in commodity…
I described my demerits…only merit in me that I have animal instinct to predict market n nifty…but my method is wrong..hi leverage…over trade…killed me all d tum…even after earning profit I want to b in d market exposed all d tym…
I live n dye for trading…..
I have earnest request to u to either meet me personally n solve my problem or guide me n recover my losses…so that I can restart trading for a living.
I see god in you…angel who can take me out of such mess n hardship.
I m a gazetted officer…I am even ready to quit job..if you give me opportunity to work with team Zerodha.
U r great…hope u can solve my problem…n believe me 7/10 calls of mine r Right.
Regards& Thanks
Rajiv Ranjan
Labour Superintendent

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