Comment on Latest updates PI - 23rd July 2015

Manish Astral commented on 20 Aug 2015, 08:34 PM

Here are some of the things which i think should be implemented as soon as possible..

1 . Changing colors, thickness, line types for trend lines, horizontal lines, indicator overbrought and oversold levels.

2. The text object is just a very very primitive tool. Right now its borderline unusable because there is no option to change the fonts, size, moving the text tool, multiple line texts, change of colors. So i think these should be implemented for the text object.

3. When using the day separator the Pivot points S1, S2, R1, etc are automatically placed, and there is no option to turn them off. Its very distracting for someone who doesn’t follow these levels of significance so there should be an option to turn them on/off. A separate indicator to show them is the one of best possible solution that comes to mind.

4. The chart overall navigation should be enhanced. Right now its better than the previous releases but there are still a lot of room for improvement. The objective is to make chart navigation more smoother, user friendly.

5. An option to apply user choice colors to the bars, candles, renko, etc.

6. Trend lines are quite buggy at the moment as they can’t be selected with ease if there are EMA, horizontal lines on the chart. As the selection tends to automatically focus on the EMA or the horizontal lines. Then i have to move the horizontal lines far away from the trend line and then extend the line.

7. The chart orders modification should reflect on the chart immediately. Meaning that the buy or sell pointer should move accordingly to the current change in order.

I hope that you guys will get these implemented in the upcoming releases. Because these are very basic features that should have been there already. And as always keep up the good work..

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