Comment on Mr Consistent returning incredible returns

Arun Prashanth commented on 26 Dec 2013, 10:42 AM

Madan, Thanks for answering all the questions in detial. Its nice to know you are originally from Chennai :). The power situation

is much better this year. Hopefully it remains this way going into the less windy months.

I totally accept your view on being with the gap ups/downs 75% of the time, trading with the trend. I probably have to look at positional trading much more actively. I haven’t had much success position trading but I’ll give it a try albeit in a small way.

And thankfully I have never tried to find the holy grial. I’ve always had the view that if price is what they are derived from, why not look entirely at price. I’ve had not many problems following plans. Its only the ideas I lack.

And for the VIX part. I agree it reflects the current volatility but there are still times when VIX is very low and the market swings crazy at certain price level. But on a general level it sure works well. Anyways, it doesnt affect me, as far as entering positions go. I wish it concerned me :D. It probably is of a lot of importance to someone who trades larger sizes like you.

Share with us some of your best “War stories” and also good ones you’ve heard from your friends. 😀

Thanks again. And Happy New Year. 🙂


Arun, Erode, TN.

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